restore winbackup to VM under hyperv

11 Oct

could not restore to another physical server so we restored to a hyperv vm

  1. Attach backup usb drive
  2. Force drive offline using disk management
  3. Created a VM with drive larger then what is being restored.
  4. Add the offline drive as a second drive
  5. Put DVD in cd-rom drive and capture or use
  6. Boot of off DVD drive, do a repair
  7. Then restore
  8. The system should find the usb drive backup automatically and ask you what version to restore
  9. Let system restore
  10. After restore shutdown vm
  11. Detach usb drive
  12. Boot VM and follow instructions below if you get a blue screen during startup
  13. after you get the VM running remove any system software related to the physical server.  for example  System Management homepage.   best to stop the services before removing said software.

very good instructions on how to fix if the VM blue screens because of boot device drivers