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March 29, 2013


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Drone tests may soon be carried out over a city near you. In response to Breitbart News queries about the limitations on the location of so-called “drone zones” – zones specifically designated to test commercial and military drones under Federal Aviation Administration regulations – FAA Pacific Division Public Affairs Manager Ian Gregor told Breitbart News, “I don’t believe anything is ruled out.” This means that even heavily populated areas will be considered for possible drone zones.

Gregor added, The Congressional mandate states the FAA must consider geographic and climatic diversity and the location of ground infrastructure and research needs in selecting [unmanned aircraft system (UAS)] test sites … The FAA does not believe the planned test sites need to be identical. It is possible that the size of the sites as well as the research work performed will vary from site to site.
Several states have been competing for the billions of dollars in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) development that will surely follow the FAAs establishment of drone zones. These locations include California, Nevada, Iowa, and Ohio. As of Thursday morning, California Governor Jerry Browns office had not responded to requests for comment. Overall, the FAA is expected to clear six drone zones.
Ben Shapiro is Editor-At-Large of Breitbart News and author of the book Bullies: How the Lefts Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America (Threshold Editions, January 8, 2013).

March 28, 2013

Navy Wants Lasers on Marines’ Trucks to Shoot Down Drones

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Small spy drones beware: Navy geeks want the next gun mounted on a Marine Humvee to be a laser cannon, not this M-240G machine gun. Photo: U.S. Marine Corps

If there was any doubt that the military has new confidence in its forthcoming laser arsenal, the Navy’s top geeks want to outfit Marines with a laser cannon to shoot small drones out of the sky.

Specifically, the Office of Naval Research thinks that Marine air-ground task forces are too vulnerable to adversaries flying cheap, small spy drones overhead, like the four-pound Raven the Marines themselves used in Iraq. Its answer: outfit Marine ground vehicles with laser guns.

March 26, 2013

Game of Drones China stepping up drone deployment

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China’s military is expanding its unmanned aerial vehicle forces with a new Predator-like armed drone and a new unmanned combat aircraft amid growing tensions with neighbors in Asia, according to U.S. intelligence officials.

New unarmed drone deployments include the recent stationing of reconnaissance and ocean surveillance drones in Northeast Asia near Japan and the Senkaku islands and along China’s southern coast. Drones also are planned for the South China Sea where China has been encroaching on international waters and bullying nations of that region in asserting control over international waters, said officials familiar with intelligence reports.

China's CH-4 armed drone disclosed for the first time in November / Source: Reuben Johnson

“Unmanned aerial vehicles are emerging as critical enablers for PLA long range precision strike operations,” said Mark Stokes, a former military intelligence official now with the Project 2049 Institute. “A general operational PLA requirement appears to be persistent surveillance of fixed and moving targets out to 3,000 kilometers of Chinese shores.”

March 18, 2013

The sky’s the limit for drone research at Virginia Tech

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Virginia Tech is a player in a potential federal drone test range. Meanwhile, the university is doing its own research — and drone is not the preferred term.


BLACKSBURG — With nearby airports notified that an unusual aircraft was about to take off, a drone rose from a Montgomery County field March 9.

The unmanned helicopter climbed to a training altitude of about 130 feet and roamed a few miles outside Blacksburg.

Drones aren’t only prowling the Middle East to try and incinerate terrorists. They fly over such American communities as the New River Valley.

How Future Drones Could Become Like Pets

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Julian Taub, TechNewsDailyContributor
Date: 18 March 2013 Time: 03:48 PM ET

Drones have been getting a bad rap recently, both in the U.S. and worldwide, but that may change once they become our flying pets.

Sameer Parekh, the CEO of Falkor Systems, is working to make autonomous flying robots a household staple. He believes that once people see how useful these robots are for creative and interactive activities, their fears will start to subside. “By creating a robot that flies autonomously on your behalf, you’re transmitting your sense of self into your robot, and I find that very inspiring,” he said.


Domestic Drones Stir Imaginations, and Concerns

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Published: Monday, 18 Mar 2013 | 11:14 AM ET
By: Matthew L. Wald

Jonathan Nackstrand | AFP | Getty Images)

On the pilot’s computer screen, planted at ground level a few yards from the airport runway here, the data streaming across the display tracked an airplane at 1,300 feet above a small city on the coast, making perfect circles at 150 miles per hour.

To the pilot’s right, a sensor operator was aiming a camera on the plane to pan, tilt and zoom in a search among the houses on the ground for people who had been reported missing.

On his screen, cartoonlike human figures appeared in a gathering around a camp fire between the houses.

“There they are,” Andrew Regenhard, the pilot and a student, said in a flat tone that seemed out of place with a successful rescue mission.


March 17, 2013

Anti-drone Devices For Sale: Military Contractor Claims To Have Counter-UAV Technology

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Domestic drones will soon be soaring through the sky left and right, but a company in Oregon with ties to the US military is marketing a service that they say will make sure private property is safe from surveillance.

The team at one-month-old Domestic Drone Countermeasures doesn’t go into many specifics, but says they can offer services that will make sure Americans aren’t being spied on by hovering eyes in the sky.Post image for Anti-drone Devices For Sale: Military Contractor Claims To Have Counter-UAV Technology

“If there’s going to be private and commercial drones, there will be people who want to safeguard information,” DDC’s Tim Faucett told Portland’s KOIN 6 News last month. “Think about industrial espionage, or companies that don’t want drones around their facilities.”


March 16, 2013

Steven Greenhut: U.S. skies grow militarized

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As domestic government agencies scramble to send up unmanned aircraft to patrol and monitor, concerns about the rights of those being watched are being left behind.


March 15, 2013

Oregon Company to Sell Drone Defense Technology to Public

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The company says it won’t knock drones down, but will stop them from ‘completing their mission’


March 15, 2013 RSS Feed Print

Court deals blow to CIA drone secrecy

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For now, the Central Intelligence Agency can still maintain its official silence on whether it uses armed drones. But a new court decision Friday could force the agency to provide some information about what kind of records they have on the subject and spell out why it’s not required to say more about them.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/03/court-deal-blow-to-cia-drone-secrecy-88918.html#ixzz2NdGCJQi8

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