change default port of RDP server

13 May

Basically, you need to change the value of the following registry entry: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp to access type following

start/stop exchange

6 May

start/stop exchange net start MSExchangeSA net start MSExchangeDS net start MSExchangeIS net start MSExchangeES net start MSExchangeMTA net start MSExchangeIMC net start MSPOP3Connector net stop MSPOP3Connector net stop MSExchangeIMC net stop MSExchangeMTA net stop MSExchangeES net stop MSExchangeIS net stop … Read More »

Top Ten Tips to Make Attackers’ Lives Hell

8 Apr

by Chris McNab, author of Network Security Assessment 03/25/2004 I run a lot of penetration testing exercises against client networks and systems. A lot of the time, testing is relatively straightforward, as the network administrator is not filtering ICMP traffic, … Read More »

NTbackup command line

8 Apr

You can perform backup operations from the command prompt or from a batch file by using the ntbackup command followed by various parameters.

local admin rights – the myth

2 Apr

from this link:;en-us;307091 Myth – “Limited User Accounts are a Realistic Security Solution.” Reality – “On a nonmanaged XP machine today, it isn’t realistic to run without Administrator privileges. Unlike UNIX and UNIX-like systems such as Linux … Read More »