set time service windows

3 Sep

set time service windows net time /setsntp: net stop w32time net start w32time make sure windows time service is set to automatic

how to add startup login script

29 Jul

if setting hkey current user… highlight key export to file edit file for specific area save file and add to login script like below regedit /s \\merlin\netlogon\window-reuse.reg here is window-reuse.reg Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main] “AllowWindowReuse”=dword:00000000

security policy AD

30 Jun

security policy AD add new user wanted to make them logon as service. under local security policy mmc under local policies under user rights assignment , added user to logon locally and log on as service note: effective policy was … Read More »

unattended install wok

26 Jun

unattended install wok boot bart cd pick #1 exit cd ghost reload reboot pick 5 exit smartdrv msnet map s: \\dtgsbs\windist goto s: type unattended test1

misc notes during redhat9 install

18 Jun

misc notes during redhat9 install smb printing need to add following to conf file use client drivers = yes hostname needs to be resolvable inorder for httpd service to start smbpasswd -j DTG

sbs2k upgrade

10 Jun

sbs2k upgrade some more things that broke.. Outlook rules did not get transferred.. also anyone that put company email into their contacts, if you send email and have it check the contact list for the name, the email bounced back, … Read More »

sbs2k upgrade

10 Jun

sbs2k upgrade couple of other things that get messed up. we had 2 terminal servers with 24 cals a piece installed on them. after removing/adding back into 2k domain, terminal server licensing with only work on DC. So when you … Read More »

checkpoint forwarding problem

10 Jun

checkpoint forwarding problem was having an issues when trying to forward port 25 to internal machine.. all rules where setup and topology was ok. but we getting a drop with following message dropped packet between 2 external interfaces This was … Read More »