windows updated not genuine can’t activate

23 Apr

if you get the following message: Activate Windows cannot run because local scripting has been disabled on this computer. Scripting may have been disabled for virus prevention or as a security measure. Once local scripting has been enabled, run Activate … Read More »

reset user profile win7

27 Mar

What happened to me was that I deleted my own profile just to get a new clean one and all of a sudden Windows 7 complains about Temporary Profile. It didn´t matter if i Rebooted or anything. I alway got … Read More »

upgrade to outlook 2007 Sbs2003

4 Aug

issue with Outlook staying online, keeps disconnecting try this link and increase number of sessions on sbs server

upgrade vista home to vista business or win7 pro

29 Jul make sure you have sp1 loaded and run the attached 2 files, then pop in the disk and upgrade NOTE THAT SERVICE PACK IS VERY IMPORTANT TO VISTA SETUP! Unlike XP, which didn’t care whether you upgraded or downgraded … Read More »