reset user profile win7

27 Mar
What happened to me was that I deleted my own profile just to get a new clean one and all of a sudden Windows 7 complains about Temporary Profile. It didn´t matter if i Rebooted or anything. I alway got a Temporary Profile. 

I solved my problem by going into the registry and delete the effected profile’s subfolder under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

After that all was well again!


note the above did not work on a domain,  we had to turn off roaming profiles, copy the old profile on the local machine to a backup directory.

we then deleted the the local profile.   had the user log in one time.  logoff, then log in as administrator and copy all data back to the user profile, like my doc and desktop

i had this with a user that logged onto the system for the first time.  I finally had to create local user when the same name as the domain login.  removed the computer from the domain and added it back into the domain before it would work properly