Moving the C:\WINDOWS\INSTALLER Directory

10 Sep

Moving the C:\WINDOWS\INSTALLER Directory Often servers or workstations will run low of disk space on the system partition.  This is especially true I’ve found with older Dell servers that shipped with a 12GB system partition. The c:\windows\installer directory often occupies … Read More »

install webmin on Centos

8 Sep

yum (CentOS/RedHat/Fedora) By adding the Webmin repository and Jamie Cameron’s key, it is possible to install & maintain the latest Webmin/Usermin versions. The following will install the latest Webmin version by adding the webmin-repo and corresponding GPG key. Yum will … Read More »

Easy Way To Copy Files Over SSH

27 Aug SSH is a protocol that can help you manage a remote computer, as well as let you upload and download files. You can also use SSH keys instead of a password! Copying files requires the secure copy command, which is … Read More »

Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs)

27 Aug

Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) JUNE 23, 2016 by ed harmoush 4 comments Virtual Local Area Networks, or VLANs, are a very simple concept that has been very poorly defined by the industry. This article will explain VLANs from a … Read More »

blat syntax

14 Aug

Blat v2.5.0 w/GSS encryption (build : Sep 14 2005 22:46:29) Win32 console utility to send mail via SMTP or post to usenet via NNTP by P.Mendes,M.Neal,G.Vollant,T.Charron,T.Musson,H.Pesonen,A.Donchey,C.Hyde syntax: Blat <filename> -to <recipient> [optional switches (see below)] Blat -install <server addr> … Read More »

7 Aug

This. I had a client ask me to explain how a VPN and firewall works, and I had charts and diagrams that showed their network layout, remote users, etc… that went completely over his head. Then I said “think of … Read More »

quickly check drive status

29 Jul

In Windows 7 – open the start menu, type CMD into the Start menu search box. When CMD appears at the top of the list, right-click and choose “Run as Administrator”. Now, in the elevated command prompt, type in the … Read More »


24 Jul

SNMP ENTERPRISE SPECIFIC TRAP (11020) 21 JANUARY 2013 BY ADAM RUSH Event ID 1182 Foundation Agent: A Change in the health status of the server has occurred. cpqHoMibHealthStatusArrayChangeTrap – 11020 in CPQHOST.MIB RESOLUTION Multiple event ID 1182 messages do not … Read More »

what is a network engy

7 Jul

I was asked this once, and equated it to a water treatment plant; When you wake up in the morning, and you stumble out of bed to brush your teeth. You turn the knob to the faucet and you don’t … Read More »