MigRecover Utility for Microsoft’s Windows Easy Transfer

15 Apr

MigRecover Utility for Microsoft’s Windows Easy Transfer

The MigRecover Utility is an extraction tool for Microsoft’s Windows Easy Transfer and is vital in a multi-language environment or where you’re downgrading from a 64 bit Windows edition to 32 bit.

In my own case I only have a 32 bit release of Windows 7 Ultimate RC and had upgraded a workstation from 64 bit Windows Vista so this has been a life saver!

Big credits go out to the original developer of this fine extraction tool and to show my support I’m hosting this file as torrent’s vanish and temp. download links regularly break. Please show your support by helping out in the comments where people run into issues, I’ll help where I can but it worked a treat in recovering a 22GB SaveData.mig containing photos and documents from the last decade on my machine.

Download MigRecover Tool (USMT4)

Update: GUNHED provided a link in the comments to the latest version, kudos!


MigRecover Tool (USMT3)


Update: I’ve hacked together the following steps from the MigRecover readme.

  1. Rename your MigRecover archive to SaveData.MIG
  2. Move your SaveData.MIG to C:\
  3. Extract the MigRecover.zip archive to C:\, this will create a folder called C:\MigRecover on your system, and contain the files necessary to run the utility
  4. Click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, then right click Command Prompt, and select Run as administrator
  5. Type the bolded text, and press <Enter> MD C:\MIGRECOVER\RECOVER
  6. Type the bolded text, and press <Enter> CD C:\MIGRECOVER
  7. Type the bolded text, and press <Enter> MIGRECOVER.EXE C:\SaveData.MIG C:\MIGRECOVER\RECOVER
  8. The data will be extracted, if successful, to C:\MigRecover\Recover folder

Update: If the above instructions have not worked or you are receiving corrupt file errors I recommend you contact Microsoft Support. Please note, you will very likely will be charged a fee for this service by Microsoft Support.

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