Allow ActiveX Controls Automatically over Group Policy from SpiceWorks

3 Mar


When you get a call from your customer asking why they cannot browse the new web app their primary software company just deployed you wonder…did they see the yellow bar that popped up at the top of their browser asking them to click and say YES! Probably not. This is a way to prevent those calls and auto approve ActiveX Controls through Group Policy.

Steps (4 total)


Open Group Policy Management

Navigate to Administrative Tools > Group Policy Management


Open Default Domain Policy

Expand Forest: Domain > Domain > Domain name >Right-Click Default Domain Policy > Edit. Group Policy Management Editor will open.


choose a method of deployment

Decide if you want your group policy to be a Computer or User policy. The policy exists on both.

Go to either User or Computer and navigate to Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Internet Explorer\Internet Control Panel\Security Page\ (Then select the zone the webpage loads from: Local Machine, Trusted-Sites, Internet)


Enable the policy

Find and enable the following:

1. Download Signed ActiveX Controls Enable (Don’t select Prompt) 
2. Download UnSigned ActiveX Controls Enable


Close the Group Policy and then open a command prompt on the client computer as an administrator. Run gpupdate on the client test computer. Once the end users reboot their PCs, the next ActiveX update they receive will automatically be downloaded and installed saving you a bunch of time with calls about yellow bars on the top of browsers.